White City should become a city to give our residents the right to decide how OUR community functions. Right now we have little or no say. The State and County decide what is right or wrong for our community.

OUR Local Government should be residents that LIVE in OUR community.  Our city government should send their kids to OUR schools; they should shop at OUR stores and eat at OUR restaurants.

Money generated through gas, alcohol, cigarette tax etc., currently goes to the State, is distributed to ‘CITIES’.  By being a ‘CITY,’ we will see revenue  returned to our community.  As comparison, the City of Eagle Point received over $750,000 from that revenue.

By not being a city we lose out on the opportunities to qualify for grants to improve our quality of life.  Recently, Eagle Point received a grant from ODOT to pay for the Loto Street Bridge, as well as a grant from Oregon Parks that paid for half of Harnish Wayside Park.  These grants were only available to Eagle Point because they are a CITY.

Yes, if you are a home or land owner you will see a small tax increase.  For a $100,000 home it would be $145 a year or $12.09 a month.  We realize that for some this is a lot of money, but at what cost?  The cost of having a voice on our community!

A YES vote will give White City back to White City.  Make White City OUR city – vote yes on November 6th!